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Streamer Shank

These shanks are designed to be slim, light and easily connected to hooks or other shanks. They have a slightly larger eye. The design creates a smoother, rounder tying platform for attaching materials more uniformly. Very little diameter change along the entire shank with the drop off positioned to create a smooth neat head. 90º offset loops. Stainless wire. 

$5.00/10 pack or $45/100 pack


#56 .75 in. 

#57 1 in.

#58 1.5 in. 

01-22-18-31943 copy.jpg

Steelhead Shank

Slim design with return wires engineered to create smooth bodies and small heads. The full length return wire ends at the point where most patterns would begin the hackles and set the wing. This creates a flat, smooth finish area much like any fine quality Salmon Iron. A small, slight upturned eye and small radius on the bend complete the elegant finish provided by no other commercially available shanks. 90º offset loops allow the shank to be clamped in the vise in proper orientation. Stainless wire.

$5.00/10 pack or $45/100 pack


#59 .75 in. 

#60 1 in.

#61 1.5 in. 

01-22-18-31937 copy.jpg

Single Loop Shank

Simple continous loop shanks designed to allow beads and cones to be added. Also popular with the OG style of rigging with the hook looped right on the tippet. I'll throw in the connector tubing if that's how you roll. Stainless wire. 

$4.50/10 pack or $40/100 pack


#62 .75 in. 

#63 1 in.

#64 1.5 in. 

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